With All of the news regarding the Vapor Industry Lately, we at Great American Vapes, would like to assure our customers that we have taken pride in the safety and quality of the products offered at our stores, and we will continue to keep the highest standards.

Thank you for being our loyal customers. We look forward to being at your service into the future.

Great American Vapes would like to share the following information, and encourage everyone to do their own research.

Vaping nicotine has been established for almost a decade with no reported instances of illness. It was only recently that news of illness has surfaced and nearly all instances (if not all) have close ties to illegal THC liquids. The most likely cause is oil based thinning agents. The products we sell do not contain oil based agents.

The Washington Post

Many patients report using products with liquids that contain cannabinoid products, such as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. State and federal health authorities are focusing on the role of contaminants or counterfeit substances as a likely cause.

The sudden onset of these mysterious illnesses and the patient's severe and distinctive symptoms have led investigators to focus on contaminants, rather than standard vaping products that have been in wise use for many years.


Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlied, a health advocate, Pfizer board member and CNBC contributor, said the current belief is the illnesses are linked to illegal vapes containing vitamin E oil - used as an emulsifying agent and dangerous when inhanled.

ON Friday, the FDA said many of the samples, tested by the states or by the agency as part of their investigation, contain THC. Most of those samples with THC also contained significant amounts of vitamin E.

NBC News

An investigation revealed that cause...was linked to vaping illicit products containing THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. While the investigation continues, officials urge consumers to steer clear of potentially counterfeit products.

Thursday, the New York State Department of Health said lab tests showed extremely high levels of vitamin E acetate in nearly all of the analyzed samples of products that contained cannabis.

Vitamin E acetate was not found in the nicotine products tested.