Congress has added a provision to the "omnibus spending bill" giving FDA authority to regulate synthetic nicotine.

As you may know, last year after the FDA blanket banned all PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product Application) for flavored e-liquid. The industry made the switch to synthetic nicotine essentially stopping the FDA from shutting us all down. Now we're all back in the same boat as last year. Great American Vapes may have to shut down, if we can't get through the PMTA process.

We are going to try again to submit a new set of PMTAs with synthetic nicotine. If we can't get past the approval process we will be forced to stop selling flavored e liquid and possibly shut the doors for good.

Our PMTs were denied last time, based on the reason that we failed to prove that our products posed a net benefit to the community. We are attaching a survey. It is crucial that we get every, completed survey we can. We would like to ask for your help. It is essential that we get as many, of these surveys filled out as possible, so that we can submit proof of benefit to the community. Considering that most will be forced to go back to smoking traditional cigarettes, if vaping is 'essentially' banned, we feel that we are a benefit to the community. Please help us by taking the survey.

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